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About the Castrol Index

Castrol is excited to introduce its Castrol Index to U.S. Soccer for the Men's National Team. As the Official Performance Index of U.S. Soccer, the Castrol Index will analyze the U.S. MNT FIFA World Cup qualifying matches and friendlies in 2013. Friendly matches will receive their own Castrol Index performance ranking, while FIFA World Cup qualifying matches will receive a cumulative ranking.

Castrol and the Castrol Index have a long-standing commitment to soccer and sports technology throughout the world. The Castrol Index was launched in 2008 with Castrol's official sponsorship of the UEFA Euro2008, the Castrol Index further expanded and refined in partnership with FIFA for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is now used around the world — analyzing performances in the Major League Soccer and 5 major European Leagues.

To learn more visit the Castrol Index FAQ page.

Click below to check out Castrol's ranking of player's performance of for each of the U.S. MNT matches.

Castrol Index by Game:
10/15/13: U.S. Men vs. Panama
10/11/13: U.S. Men vs. Jamaica
09/10/13: U.S. Men vs. Mexico
09/06/13: U.S. Men vs. Costa Rica
08/14/13: U.S. Men vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina
07/05/13: U.S. Men vs. Guatemala
06/18/13: U.S. Men vs. Honduras
06/11/13: U.S. Men vs. Panama
06/07/13: U.S. Men vs. Jamaica
06/02/13: U.S. Men vs. Germany
05/29/13: U.S. Men vs. Belgium
03/26/13: U.S. Men vs. Mexico
03/22/13: U.S. Men vs. Costa Rica
02/06/13: U.S. Men vs. Honduras
01/29/13: U.S. Men vs. Canada