Performance Centers

In January 2015, U.S. Soccer instituted a new grading policy for National Coaching Schools. Candidates are evaluated on a 200 point scale on a number of practical and theoretical topics. Candidates who received a “Not Ready” in the previous grading system have until January 31, 2017 to attend a Performance Center in an effort to earn their C license. After January 31, 2017, candidates who received a “Not Ready” will be required to re-take the C license course in its entirety.

Performance Center Frequently Asked Questions

US Soccer will host five performance center locations for A, B, and licenses. Additional locations will be announced Summer 2017. We will be opening the registration for these courses Friday, April 28 at approximately 10 AM CST.

Interested applicants should review the FAQ’s and confirm their eligibility in the Digital Coaching Center.

Confirmed Performance Center Locations:

Location Date Contact

Plymouth, Pennsylvania

May 20-21

Felicia Hess

Ventura, California

May 27-28

Stefan McMillan

Clearwater, Florida

May 27-28

Felicia Hess

Pleasanton, California

June 24-25

Stefan McMillan

San Antonio, TX

August 5-6

Felicia Hess

Lexington, KY

August 19-20

Stefan McMillan

East Meadow, NY

October 8-9

Felicia Hess

For other coaching inquiries, please contact the Coaching Department at coaches@ussoccer.org .