U.S. Soccer

"E" License FAQ's


Who is permitted to host “E” courses?

  • The appropriate State Association (youth, adult, or joint) shall conduct “D” and “E” courses through their state coaching programs, with oversight by the U.S. Soccer Federation Coaching Education Department. The Federation may also conduct these courses.

Is there a waiting period between the “E” and “D”?

  • Yes, applicants must show they have been “actively coaching” for a minimum of six (6) months.


Will there be an “E” candidate manual?

  • At this time there will not be a separate manual for the “E” course. Power point content will be available online. In addition, the new curriculum will serve as a resource guide book.

Will all course materials be provided in Spanish?

  • "E" license course materials will be available in Spanish.


What are the minimum competencies for earning an “E” License?

  • Complete a series of Pre-Course Assignments
  • Submit a practice training session and receive a satisfactory score.
  • Receive a satisfactory score for the on-field coaching assignment.
  • Attend and actively participate in all elements of the course

Download - E License Sample Grading Form (PDF)

Can a candidate fail the “E” course?

  • Candidates are graded either "pass" or "incomplete" for all written, oral and field components of the course and must receive passing scores in all test areas in order to earn the "E" License.
  • If a candidate receives an incomplete score, he/she has the option to “retest” that subject at a future “E” course.
  • There is no “waiting period” or set time period for the candidate to retest.
  • Retest fees and registration process is at the discretion of the hosting organization.

Who will issue the “E” License to the candidate?

  • The hosting organization will issue the “E” License certificate.


What are the requirements to enter the “E”?

  • Applicants are recommended to be a minimum of 16 years old.